About us

SMST Designers & Constructors BV specializes in the delivery of lifting, transportation, drilling and pipelay solutions, particularly for the maritime and offshore industry. These solutions can be standard or one-off products and are always designed and built to customers’ specifications, drawing on years of expertise. As a growing company, SMST can deliver complete, turnkey systems. Producing clever, innovative and successful products is what drives us. Tell us what you want and we will create it for you.

SMST’s products and services are used worldwide in different market sectors: Energy, Offshore, Navy and Industry. For customers, this means that we deliver solutions over a wide range of possibilities, utilizing our experience in these diverse areas.

From concept and product development, design and engineering, fabrication and production right through to commissioning, service and after sales: SMST. Wherever there’s a job to be done.

The Company

Since the founding of the company in 1990, SMST Designers & Constructors have earned themselves a good reputation in the offshore and shipbuilding industry delivering lifting, transportation, drilling and pipelay systems. Because we keep the whole process in house, from sales to engineering, from production to after-sales services, SMST can offer its clients customized products which are designed in close cooperation with the client. The products are tailor-made and are the result of years of experience, innovation and craftsmanship.

With a dedicated crew of 170 people, SMST Designers & Constructors BV is a medium-sized company. With a growing order intake and increasing work force, however, we are looking ahead to the future. In Drachten, the Netherlands, SMST has a total yard area of 30,000 m2, including 2,650 m2 of office space and 10,000 m2 of production buildings .

Innovative Solutions

We are constantly working on new solutions and systems which we believe add value to the market’s existing technologies. These innovations are implemented into many of our products.
As we have extensive operational experience with a wide variety of heavy construction equipment, we are able to use the best solutions for new products and projects. Our internal disciplines include Mechanical, Structural, Naval, Hydraulic, Electrical and Software Engineering.

The facility

Located in the northern part of the Netherlands, SMST Designers & Constructors has an office and a production building in Drachten. Engineering, production and after sales are located in one place, which keeps communication easy and staff members committed. A team comprising after-sales engineers operates worldwide for commissioning products and providing client service.

Capacity and Office Specifications

Total yard area: 30,000 m2 total area, of which 65% outside space
Test facility, spill-proof designed: 1,500 m2
Total production area: 10,000 m2 production buildings
Maximum hoisting capacity: up to 200 tons using overhead cranes
Quay length: 144 meters
Quay-side cranes: 200 tons using overhead cranes (vertical lift) at 22m above ground
Office area: 2,650 m2, including workshop offices


Market Sectors

SMST products and services are used worldwide in a variety of market sectors. The four markets which SMST currently operates in are: Offshore Wind, Energy Oil & Gas, Maritime, Navy and Industry. These sectors are described briefly and examples are given of products delivered by SMST for these specific sectors. The benefit of being a player in several different markets is that technologies commonly used in one market can be introduced into another one, thereby creating innovative solutions.

The maritime sector is important for SMST. We design and build equipment for vessels operating offshore, construction vessels, offshore support vessels, general cargo vessels, RORO vessels, dredging and rock dumping and also luxury yachts. As these markets are all different, we design our products according to the various applicable rules, regulations and industry standards. As with all the products delivered by SMST, our focus is on delivering systems with superior functionality and quality.

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