Offshore Cranes


SMST has an excellent track record of more than 20 years’ experience in deck and offshore handlings. We are a trusted partner in the offshore industry that designs and builds - together with our customers all over the world - offshore equipment suitable for harsh conditions.

SMST delivers a wide range of offshore cranes based on four standard crane sizes: S, M, L, XL. The hoisting capacity of the 4 types varies from 10 up to 150t. Depending on preferences or the specific task of the crane, a combination of crane and winch type can be selected. Winches can be delivered in various sizes. From a small winch for deck-handling up to ultra-deep-water winches (up to 3.000 meter). The cranes can be outfitted in different configurations: knuckle boom, telescopic boom, fixed boom or 3D knuckle boom.

The SMST standard AHC cranes can be updated with several modules and options, which facilitate flexible allocation for current and future extensions and modifications. All our offshore crane solutions are based on technology that has been proven through years of experience and meet the latest offshore rules and regulations.


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