SMST cares about its clients and wants to be recognized as a company which delivers what it promises. High-quality solutions, competitive pricing, services and trainings are key in this process. We are continuously improving our products and services for the purpose of aligning them to the latest industry standards and are always looking for new innovative solutions which may bring the industry to its next level of success.



Rentals for short- and long-term projects
SMST provides a broad range of offshore equipment rentals within the offshore industry. Not only are our offerings comprehensive, but our systems also rank among the best in the industry in terms of quality and performance.

SMST equipment is developed in such a way that it can be operated by your own crew. For the complete rental fleet, SMST also provides a training program for all its equipment. The right knowledge and the right skills are crucial assets if you want to operate in a safe, controlled and certified manner.



Projects don’t stop after they have been delivered.
Systems will require the right maintenance to keep them in reliable working order.
SMST understands this and, therefore, provides equipment with the right maintenance schedules to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Besides that, SMST can provide service all over the world to perform regular maintenance to keep the equipment in excellent shape and avoid downtime.


Spare parts

The availability of high-quality original spare parts is vital for long-term safe and proper functioning of the equipment.
We can provide you with all the spare parts you need. Based on our experience, we can assist you in making the right choices in selecting spare part packages throughout the lifetime of the equipment.



The jobs that a vessel and its equipment need to do can change over the years.
Therefore, SMST offers a range of services to upgrade your equipment customised to your requirements. Our modular approach gives us the opportunity to upgrade existing products to higher specified equipment which is perfect for your new job.


Service Agreements

SMST can also take over responsibility for service, maintenance, spare parts and training by establishing a service level agreement.
While such an agreement relieves the owner of the responsibility for maintenance, it ensures the availability of vital spare parts in the facility in Drachten. SMST stands for the quality of its products and can extend the guarantee period accordingly.



SMST can provide a training program for all its equipment, both relating to its rental fleet of products and the systems it sells. We always want to provide you with the right knowledge and skills as to how to operate the equipment in a safe and controlled manner.

  • SMST Technology Training
  • General Gangway Operator Awareness Training
  • Simulator Training
  • E-learning


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