Rentals for short- and long-term projects

SMST provides a broad range of offshore equipment rentals within the offshore industry. Not only are our offerings comprehensive, but our systems also rank among the best in the industry in terms of quality and performance.

SMST equipment is developed in such a way that it can be operated by your own crew. For the complete rental fleet, SMST also provides a training program for all its equipment. The right knowledge and the right skills are crucial assets if you want to operate in a safe, controlled and certified manner.


Rental range

Gangways (Telescopic Access Bridges )

When you need a solid temporary solution for transferring people and cargo to and from and offshore structure, SMST offers a range of gangways that help you to get the job done:


Bridge length 13-21m 15-25m
Bridge width 600mm 900mm
Cargo capacity lifting winch 300kg 1000kg


The SMST modular gangway M- and L-series are suitable for a variety of vessels and operational situations. The bridges have a small footprint, are transportable by normal container truck, can be mobilized quickly worldwide in one lift and can be operational in only 1 day. The system are remotely controlled by vessel’s crew, don’t need large generators and are inexpensive to operate.

SMST has a proven track record for W2W campaigns and due to the flexible and modular setup a fast and reliable process is guaranteed. Even in the most challenging waters SMST is ‘the bridge’ for safe and reliable transfer of personnel and cargo. 

Contact our Sales team to find out more about the possibilities of the system and the availability of the fleet.


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