Quality, Risk, Environment, Safety and Health control are part of our daily business and the result of combined effort of our employees. QRESH aspects are integrated in the operational scope of department responsibilities and used as indication for management on company health, safety and environment. With periodic reporting to managers, department heads and personnel, the mutual effort on QRESH results are visible.

Our goals

  • Pursue continuous improvement on products, performance and reliability.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through reliable, safe and innovative products.
  • Increase organizational effectiveness and growing our product knowledge by applying our lessons learned.
  • Provide a safe & healthy working environment for our employees and our clients and protect the public and environment in general.


All SMST products are designed and built in accordance with the international standards and certified by recognized authorities such as Lloyd's, DNV, ABS, and TüV. We perform our quality assurance & control under the external Lloyd’s certification of ISO-9001:2015 for our organization and EN 3834-2 for welding control.


At SMST, risk is managed and controlled using international known tools to assess projects, organizational risks and product reliability. We incorporated the different stages of risk control in our design and production flow through, for example, system analysis, HAZID’s and FMECA’s.


Together with our clients and by confirming to (inter)national law we, continuously, seek to protect our employees, the public and the environment in general.

Safety & Health

We are fully committed to an incident-free workplace, and we thoroughly apply our risk management to incorporate safety in our product designs.
Additionally, the control on electrical safety is arranged through regulations of NEN-3140 as defined in specific legislation. NEN-3140 is verified in intern- and extern auditing system and inspected periodically by external specialists.


Certificates & Licences



NEN-EN 3834-2


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