Hai Yang Shi You 707

SMST has designed a geotechnical drilling system for the Hai Yang Shi You 707, the underwater integrated survey vessel of China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL). The system is suitable for geotechnical sampling operations. The seabed material samples can determine the most suitable type of foundation for offshore structures and wind turbine foundations. COSL is active in the China Seas.

The geotechnical drilling system designed for COSL consists of the following main items:
- Geotechnical drilling system: drilling tower and drilling deck
- Hoisting and travelling system
- Pipe-handling system
- Seabed and handling system
- Mud system
- Power and controls

- Hook load: 60t
- Drilling depth: 600m
- Sampling systems: WISON APB and ROSON APB

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