SMST's next generation offshore access and lifting


Currently, the offshore wind industry is stepping up its game with its requirements for optimizing safe and efficient transfer of people and cargo. Particularly, this is shown within the new class of SOVs that are going to be built for operating in the offshore wind farms in the Dogger Bank in the North Sea. SMST is equally demanding of its access and lifting solutions and delivers the most advanced systems to date for cargo and personnel transfers. Meeting all market requirements. 

SMST’s modular mission equipment for the offshore wind markets, covering a range of gangways adjustable for various heights and 3D motion compensation cranes, is suitable for a variety of vessels and operational situations. In addition to the 3D cranes, the Telescopic Access Bridges (TAB) are also equipped for cargo handling, varying in execution with a lifting winch under the TAB tip, a cargo transfer system under the TAB or via various cargo transporters. All solutions improve the logistical efficiency and give room to a broader scope of work.

For increased performance and optimization of vessel’s operational hours, SMST has extended its range of motion compensated gangways with autonomous features such as auto connect and assisted landing. With other next generation technologies as a digital twin, remote access and data storage, vizualisation and reporting systems, SMST has realized futureproof equipment that is fully compliant with the requirements of the market.

SMST has a large proven track record for W2W campaigns and due to the flexible and modular setup a fast and reliable process is guaranteed. The worldwide service network reinforces the thorough process with service entities in all upcoming offshore wind areas.

Contact our Sales team to find out more about the possibilities of the modular gangways and cranes and the availability of the access systems, that are available for purchase or rent.

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